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RO Water Purifier Services

Why is RO service important?

Tap or tap water contains dissolved solids (so-called TDS), impurities, and germs that make it unsuitable for drinking. Reverse osmosis cleaners clean and filter this impure water and make it ready for use. Reverse osmosis, or reverse osmosis water purifiers, is the most widely used water purification method. RO uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, impurities and germs from the water. The semi-permeable RO membrane separates germs and dissolved chemicals from the water. RO service should be performed once every six months to keep the water clean and healthy for drinking. During reverse osmosis service, post and pre-filters, membranes, water storage tanks, water motors, pumps, connecting pipes, and other parts are checked and diagnosed for errors. Any defective part will be replaced with new ones. Regular reverse osmosis service maintains water quality and purity and prevents waterborne diseases. RO service also keeps the RO cleaner in good condition.

How Does RO Service Work?

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Water Purifier Maintenance

What does the RO service include?

In RO service, key components are inspected and cleaned by RO. The pre-filters and post-filters are checked and replaced if necessary. The semi-permeable RO membrane is inspected and replaced if damaged. The water tanks, connecting pipes and reverse osmosis bodies are cleaned. The water pressure, the water flow and the water level in the tank are controlled. The hardness and TDS (totally dissolved solids) are controlled and adjusted if necessary. The entire cleaning system is checked for errors. Defective parts, if any, are replaced with new ones.

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