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Gravity-Based vs. RO Purifiers: Which Suits Your Needs?

Delve into the world of water purification as we compare the efficiency and utility of gravity-based systems against the popular RO purifiers.


Gravity-based water purifiers use the natural force of gravity to push water through its purification filters. On the other hand, Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers use a pump to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, removing contaminants.

Comparison Table

Feature Gravity-Based Purifiers RO Purifiers
Power Requirement No electricity needed Requires electricity
Efficiency in Removing Microorganisms Good Excellent
Efficiency in Removing Dissolved Salts Poor Excellent
Cost Generally cheaper More expensive
Maintenance Low maintenance Regular maintenance required


Your choice between gravity-based and RO purifiers should be based on your water source, budget, and purification needs. If you have a reliable source of biologically safe water and are looking for an economical solution, a gravity-based purifier might be suitable. However, if you need to remove dissolved salts and other contaminants, an RO purifier would be a better choice.

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